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CDOS Ministers Near You


CDOS is present in the following areas throughout the USA please  feel free to contact any of the members listed below for the information about CDOS and any spiritual need you have:

Rev. Dr. Lorraine B  East South Central Region :

DrBoisselleatmsndotcom 850-232-2354

Rev. Joe Battaglia South Region

Rev. Dr. Nicholas Brongno Northeast Region

Bishop Jim Burch Southeast Region (Regional Bishop)

Rev. Michael Callahan Northeast Region

Rev. John Chuchman Midwest Region

Prin. Bishop Ken Corbin Northeast Region (Prin & regional Bishop)


Rev. Dr. Steven Masters South Region 

Stevenmastersathotmail.dotom 7034039132

Rev. Michael Richards South Region

Bishop Lou Schwebius South Region

revlouschatcomcastdotnet     703-593-2837 

Rev. Robert Teszlewicz Midwest Region revrobert1107atyahoodotcom

Rev. John Trubina Northeast Region 

Rev. Charles Vohs Northeast Region 

stocc1500atgmaildotcom     (401) 680-9076

Deacon Kathryn MAinor-Goodness Northeast Region

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