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Our Ministries

The Catholic Dioceses of One Spirit has many ministries through the community. Some of the servants, ordained, serve as chaplains in the military, hospice, hospitals and other pastoral care settings. Other servants participate as members in the local community as teachers, corporate executives, social workers, psychotherapist and psychologist. No matter what ministry we are involved in we are all called ordained or not to be a sign of the universal love of the Divine in the world.

All the work we do as servants of those seeking a deeper relationship with the Divine take on those sacred moments which have the potential for a deeper awareness of the universal love of the Divine. Those sacred moments we call sacraments where we celebrate new life in Baptism, and later in one's faith journey the commitment to the service of others by sharing in the Eucharist and Confirmation when a person confirms their faith as a member of the community by living a life of love and service. Others will celebrate a life of unconditional love in Marriage and still others married or not will feel a call confirmed by the local community to be ordained. We also celebrate the life of those who at their journey's end transition into the loving arms of the Divine as we celebrate their life and ritualized their passing in Funeral Rites. No matter where a person is on their spiritual journey CDOS is there to assist, comfort, support and celebrate the person through these scared moments




Marriage is the expression of two people's love for each other and therefore an example of the love we are shown by the Divine. Our ministers are here to help you plan and prepare for your new life's journey. 

Meditation by the Beach


No matter where we are or who we celebrate with CDOS is first and foremost a community of faith who celebrates all life no matter one's lifestyle past or present. All are always welcome never any judgment jut universal LOVE!!

Wellness Mindful Days

We seek to provide all people opportunists to recovery one's spiritual well being which can easily be buried or by=passed by the daily distractions of our lives. When all is said is done we are foremost spiritual beings connected to one another and the life force we choose to call the Divine. Taking time to deepen, explore or develop one's spiritual life will add peace and healing to Mind, Body & Spirit 

Bereavement Support

John Chuchman, MA, CDOS, Pastoral Bereavement Educator and Companion,
Author and Poet, is willing to try to help any and all experiencing loss in life,
working their way through Grief.

One of his books, Sacred Quest, Growth through Loss and Love is available on Amazon

John can be reached by sending an email below:

Pastoral Counseling & Support

There are times in our life when the burdens of our daily tasks can distract us from the inner joy and peace we seek. Pastoral Counseling & Support is a journey with one of our trained servants to walk with one who is burdened by life. We seek to walk the walk with those who come for support not to push or to pull but to walk along side and experience with the person for the first time insight and growth into one's emotional, physical or spiritual pain.

Social Justice

We are challenged by the sacred teachings of our faith to provide for those who are in need. Our community seeks to provide food and clothing to those who have fallen on hard times. We seek to provide a safe space for those who are victims of violence and abuse . Through our dedicated communities we seek that no one should go hungry or feel unsafe if there is anything we can do to prevent it.

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