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How you can donate and

help our CDOS Community



CDOS in all its ministry to serve the poor and those who are disenfranchised by society needs your help and support. We ask that if you can please provide a monetary donation which will be used to provide food, clothing, counsel and support to those who are in need. 

Perhaps you cannot spare a monetary donation but still want to support CDOS you can do so by volunteering in one of our local comm unites of faith or just continue to support us in prayer.

When we give from our surplus be it money, time or prayer we are providing light to someone who is experiencing the darkness of hunger, addiction, illness or any other life's crisis.

Wont you be a beacon of hope for someone in darkness ?

Ways you can donate:


In Person

Come and experience our faith community in your local area and join in the praise and joy



You can also communicate with us via this website on any of the pages. 


By Email

Contact us by email as to how you can support us in time, money or prayer. Use the following e-mail



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