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What distinguishes the Catholic Dioceses of One Spirit among all other Catholic dioceses and from other various rites and churches?  What is our particular charism? What makes us different from other spiritual organizations?


The Catholic Diocese of One Spirit gives a very high priority in our lives and ministry to Jesus’ essential message of the presence of the Divine being within ALL of creation and WITHIN (every single human being). 

To us, that means that the Divine, who is the constant moment-by-moment SOURCE of creation’s very ongoing existence, LOVES this world, and gives it to us as a sacred/”sacramental” place. Here we EXPERIENCE, through our choices, the reality of our being individuated manifestations of God. 


The Catholic Dioceses of One Spirit sees ALL of life as sacramental – for every person, no matter their differences or religions.  We especially honor certain times in each person’s life as sacred celebrations (“sacraments”).  Among those sacred celebrations of lived-life, we believe in the real presence of Jesus’ body and blood in the Eucharistic bread and wine. We use these, as Jesus asked us to, to convey his essential message that everything ALREADY IS the body of  the Divine 


 We do not, therefore, focus inward on the internal membership and regulations of our particular church, but rather focus outward beyond all traditional church confines – knowing that the Light which is God shines OUT FROM each person and not down upon them.  Striving for this blessed kind of conscious living brings us much JOY.

Those who may be interested in joining us as an ordained minister or seeking ordination please email us at bishopkennethcorbin01 and we will send you an application

Our Spiritual Leaders & Guides:
Bishop Ken Corbin Principal Bishop

Serving The North East and Overseeing all of CDOS

Jim head shot 2020.png
Bishop Jim Burch

Bishop Emeritus and

Former Principal Bishop

Serving Southwest Florida 

Rev. Louis S 6-2022.jpg

Bishop Louis Schwebius

Serving Southeastern Region

Board of Directors 


Rev. Charles Vohs 
Formation/Vocation Dir.

Rev. Nick Brogno

Deacon Kate Mainor-Goodess

Mr. Charlie Dwyer


2022-08-21 Charles Dwyer, Treasurer-2.jpg
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