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Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Clinical Pastoral Education in General:


Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs provide an opportunity for ministers, seminarians and lay people to develop pastoral competency within a particular pastoral setting (usually a hospital, parish, hospice, retirement home, etc.), and seeks to foster the pastors own self-awareness as a pastoral care-giver.


The CPE approach to training is based upon an "action-reflection" model of learning. Pastoral trainees’ function as ecumenical chaplains providing pastoral care on assigned areas and use their experience in pastoral encounters as a basis for their learning. While seminary settings provide an academic environment for the study of pastoral theology in contrast the CPE center provides the clinical basis for learning.

If you are interested in joining us on this great personal, ministerial and spiritual journey please contact Bishop Kenneth Corbin, BCCC,BCPC, LCSW-R  who will be training the unit starting May 20th and run for 24 weeks. All classes are on Zoom Thursday evenings from 6-9 PM. Call 631-766-1240 or email to

If interested please download the application complete and email to Bishop Ken. Act soon only 6  seats available

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